There are several disciplines when it comes to photography.  That require different skill sets, creativity,  lighting, and vision.  HudsonEXP is a team dynamic, each member has a different specialty, focus, and vision.  Our specialties are Glamour, Landscape, Nature, Action, and Technical.  Not limited to Indianapolis Indiana.

Glamour Photography:  Book your senior photos, or glamour shoot, and can be combined with professional hair and makeup from Karen and Tessa.

Nature and Landscape Photography:  This is a talent of a couple of our shutter bugs.   Many of our photographic prints are available for sale, we are also available to take original photos of landmarks, property, or scenery, for your personal, graphic, or business needs.

Action Photography:  For outdoor sports and events.  Contact us to have a photographer at your event.

Technical Photography:  Great product photos are half of the reason people chose the items they purchase online.  Inventions, parts, pieces, and components all occasionally need an image that makes them stand out, for production, patent, or grant, or loan applications.  Professional photographs can help your items stand out.